“$700-800 million spent on 5 consultants. It’s fucking corruption!” -Nomiki Konst | The DNC needs to vote in favor of financial reforms on August 25th in Chicago. Press them: 202-863-8000

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Nomiki Konst spitting fire on the DNC Unity Reform Commission

The Commission calls for the formation of a detailed financial conflicts of interest policy.

The composition of the Budget and Finance Committee should be by election of qualified members. No person under contract with the DNC or any Democratic Party affiliate organization should serve on the BFC.

The BFC should provide the Executive Committee for discussion. The results of the report and the discussion should then be sent to the full DNC membership. After each election cycle a published report on the focus of the DNC’s finances, including all major expenditures and vendors, should be made available.

The DNC Chair and Leadership should prepare an annual budget, which must be presented for review and approved by the BFC and presented to the full DNC at each regularly scheduled meeting.

Any and all contracts and expenditures exceeding $ 100,000 annually must receive prior approval. As a part of any proposal, all vendors shall be required to disclose the composition of their leadership.

URC's Recommendations

"You fundraise [from tobacco companies], they'll give it to the party, the party will charge their commission, and then we'll give it to you." I've been a financial consultant for a long time. That sounds like legal money laundering.

James Elia quoting the DNC's handlers from the Red-to-Blue program

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