How do we support universal public healthcare when the NHS is so wasteful?

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I have a lot of conservative friends who say state health care is generally more wasteful than private healthcare, and that the US's lack of tariffs and (European countries' taxing of exports into the US) subisizes their societies and allows them to provide these bigger social safety nets.

Here's an article about NHS waste

What is the counter argument to this? I figured this sub could point me in the direction of why this is incorrect

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Hey can we get some support for Huntsville AL city council candidate Frances Akridge?

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From this amazing article: Huntsville City Council candidate’s ties to Bernie Sanders revealed in ad — ‘Few things are scarier than socialism’

On Monday, Dr. Mary Jane Caylor’s campaign for Huntsville City Council released a creative new social media ad that invoked her opponent’s ties to socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

With Halloween on the horizon, Caylor hit her opponent, Frances Akridge, with the tagline “few things are scarier than socialism… Especially in our local government.”

Akridge, the ad says, has donated to liberal campaigns across the country, including Bernie Sanders for President, Rick Nolan for Congress (Minnesota), Katie McGinty for Senate (Pennsylvania), Nelson for Congress (Wisconsin), Zephyr Teachout for Attorney General (New York), Nanette Diaz Barragán for Congress (California), Deborah Ross for Senate (North Carolina), Chase Irons for Congress (North Dakota), Maggie Hassan for Senate (New Hampshire), Paul Clements for Congress (Texas), Morgan Carroll for Congress (Colorado), Russ Feingold for Congress (Wisconsin) and Pramila Jayapal for Congress (Washington).

While local races are normally less partisan than statewide or national races, Caylor’s campaign tied Akridge’s “ultra-left” activities to the local level, saying that Huntsville would be hurt by socialist City Council policies.

“Imagine how much of your money Frances Akridge will want to tax and spend… We cannot afford to let Frances Akridge traffic in her big-government values to our City Hall,” the social media caption reads.

It continues, “Huntsville’s bright future demands fiscal responsibility and a budget that is overseen by an experienced, conservative leader. We need the conservative, proven, and principled leadership of Dr. Mary Jane Caylor.”


In response to Caylor’s ad, Akridge shared a Facebook post that read, “Huntsville municipal elections are SUPPOSED TO BE nonpartisan. And now we have this crap.” The post did not dispute any of the ties to socialist or liberal candidates or that Akridge would govern as a socialist on the city council.

According to Caylor’s campaign, in the October 9 Huntsville City Council District 2 election, ”the choice is clear: Socialist Frances Akridge or Conservative Mary Jane Caylor.”

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Andrew Gillum: Here is a candidate that the Democratic establishment will fully support, that the media will support, and he supports Medicare For All, legalizing marijuana, and transitioning off fossil fuels!

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Andrew Gillum had Bernie's support in the primary, and I guarantee Bernie will be back in Florida to get out the vote for the general election.

Gwen Graham (the one the Democratic establishment backed) and Philip Levine (who got 20% of the vote) both fully endorse Gillum and will do what is needed to beat the Republican candidate

70% of Americans support Medicare For All. Gillum will win major independent support and typically-non-voting support due to backing Medicare For All.

He'll further get out the vote with his marijuana legalization stance.

He criticized his Democrat opponent for her support of the Keystone pipeline.

Anybody here want to argue that we shouldn't support him because he chose to run with a D by his name instead of trying to start his own party?

Let's make Andrew Gillum the Governor of a major state. He supports the important issues brought to the forefront by Bernie's campaign.

This is beautiful. A little voice of reason from outside of Congress, from a Governor, would sure be nice.

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