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I wrote a letter to my republican state senator: Support S3036 Keeping Families Together Act

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State Senator Flake:

I ask that you become one of the first Republican senators to support the S3036 Keeping Families Together Act.

There is still no legitimate Republican support to stop ICE from acting out the policy of separating immigrant families, which was set by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April and May of this year. Our Commander in Chief has denied responsibility and accountability, despite a global knowledge to the contrary. On June 15th of 2018, the President of the United States explained via news interviews and Twitter that his decision to stop this abuse will be contingent upon receiving billions of dollars funding to build a wall along our border. This is not a random development: Donald Trump is holding human beings, children who are fleeing violence, as hostages.

Due to these hostile negotiating tactics, S3036 needs as much support as possible from Republican Senators like you. This situation has ceased to be an immigration issue: The American government has violated the basic human rights of these people. Mr. Session's "zero tolerance" policy is condemned by the United Nations, and Amnesty International has referred to it as "Nothing short of torture." According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 5 states that human beings are entitled to "Freedom from torture and degrading treatment".

Senator Flake, I have a seven year old daughter, and am pregnant with my son. I can tell you this is true: I would flee gang wars and starvation to save them, even if it were illegal. I cannot imagine the pain and torture of having our family ripped apart because I had to do so. This is a call to action: please help our country stop torturing small children and refugees. Anything less than immediate and decisive action aids in the oppression of the innocent.

Thank you for your time.

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