Help from you Sanders supporters to understand the last political campaign!

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I am an Economist and am writing a research paper in which I investigate the cultural backlash that has led to the election of Donald Trump and the effects on voters' culture, preferences, and values that the campaign itself had. To do this I track candidates speeches and try to understand whether users on Reddit (yes, you guys!) became more tribal in their language after Trump's speeches and whether Trump managed to shift attention towards topics such as immigration, ISIS and international trade.

I want to ask this great community for help in two things: resources you may be aware of and general ideas on what has happened and how do you think people reacted to Trump.

The first thing with which you may be of great help is with Sanders' campaign. Do you know where I may find a list of all the rallies by Sanders (like this:,_2016) . Do you know also if a similar resource is available for Clinton?

As for contents and ideas, I have some preliminary results which are very interesting to share. Would you be willing to discuss them and provide some interpretations or new ideas? This project has very high potential, as it puts together users social media data and machine learning techniques in order to shed light on issues that are very important in a rigorous scientific way. Thanks for all the help you may want to provide!

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Why is sanders not the front runner – who are all these other candidates?

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What happen to the Bernie storm of 2015? I’m seeing posts about some progressive candidate named Alexandria Cortez going to take down the corporate elite and I’m thinking “wait, Why don’t people rally behind sanders again. He’s already got the name brand, credibility, and economic equality is his number 1 goal”.

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