Hey guys, i am needing some help and ideas from fellow progressives on internet marketing relating to a political campaign!

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I'm going to try to keep my explanation short.

My brother is running for a seat in our state's house of Representatives. I'll keep it at that so it doesn't look like I'm attempting to campaign on this sub.

I'm extremely proud of him, and I know it'll be the first of many races. He's 24 years old on already owns his own law firm, and a coffee shop in our home town.

I absolutely know he would be fantastic for our district, and for our state. But the issue is that we are facing a republican incumbent (one who voted against ALL measures to improve the pay for our teachers, and told them to stop crying and do their job) Regardless of how bad this guy was, the unfortunate fact is that there is no way we can EVER compete with his fundraising due to support from the Republican party, and from special interest groups.

We are doing pretty well on the campaign, but I can tell that my bro is getting pretty discouraged at how drastically Republicans are able to out-fundraise Democrats here. So I was looking for some thoughts on the matter and thought, "hey, where better to ask than on the internet".

What are some ways we could use the internet to reach a broad audience to help compete with the incumbent Republican's fundraising? I feel like if we could get out his message and thoughts, then people not even from the area would like to support him with some small donations here and there.

Anyway, all thoughts and ideas on the matter are greatly appreciated, cause this seat needs to flip VERY badly!

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“We took on almost the entire political, financial and media establishment in this country and we ended up winning over 13 million votes, 22 states, and more votes from young people than Trump and Clinton combined.”

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He won 46% of the vote in a race slanted heavily against him by the media and the establishment. Nothing illegal was done, they just saw an opportunity to push through a candidate who started with a large advantage since voters already knew her. Remember, Bernie started at 3% in the polls. If it was up to American citizens without the influence of television networks laughing about his challenge to Clinton and saying that he didn't have a chance from the start, if it was up to American citizens without the influence of 99% of sitting mayors, Senators, city council members, and House Representatives that endorsed Hillary, he would have done even better than 46%. If debates scheduled had been more like the Obama/Clinton debate schedules he would have gotten more exposure. If deadlines to switch registration from Independent to Democrat hadn't been many months before anybody was paying attention to the race in some states, he would have done better. 46% when the whole system is against you is damn impressive. Raising the most amount of money when you don't accept superPACs or certain major industry donations is damn impressive. Filling stadiums and getting young people involved in politics for the first time is damn impressive. He got closer to winning than the people working to stop him ever thought he would. All he cared about and continues to fight for is putting people before profits.

He won't be starting from 3% in the polls next time.

"At a time of growing income and wealth inequality, and with 40 million Americans living in poverty, I will be campaigning hard not only in blue states, but in states and communities that Trump won. But I cannot do it alone. Your donation helps. Thank you.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders"

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