The_Donald calls for whole families to be rounded up and put into camps [+2000]. They call Muslims “feral animals” [+300] who need to be dealt with “in the most brutal way” [+160]. They say Muslims must be “100% wiped out” [+25] and it would be “fitting” to kill whole families [+10]. No mod action.

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Hi, I’m Kaniela Ing, a Democratic Socialist State Legislator running for Congress in Hawaii on one of America’s most progressive platforms. Just like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14), we are standing up to the entire corporate Democratic machine. Election is 8/11, and I need your help. AMA!

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Hi all,

Here is a video from a recent debate of what I'm about–

Can you chip-in to our campaign?

My Twitter:

My story:

I fight for working families, because I come from one (my background:

At 23, I ran for the State House against a corporate Democrat and a tea-party millionaire incumbent in what was then a Republican district. They outspent me 10-to-1, but I had the people on my side. We inspired small donations, organized volunteers, and I personally knocking on 15,000 doors. We stuck it to the corporate establishments of both parties by winning by over 26 percentage points.

During my six years in the legislature, we fought to pass marriage equality, raise the minimum wage, expand the world's largest marine monument, levy stricter gun control, regulate Super Pacs, increase taxes on billionaires and set the nation's first 100% renewable energy goal, and more.

Now I'm running on one of America's boldest progressive platforms, leading Democrats and Independents with a vision that will win our country back–

Our campaign has broken the district record for individual small contributions, averaging under $ 30 per donation, but we're going to need a lot of help to compete with my corporate opponents.

I want us to get to know each other, and I’d like to earn your support. So please, ask me anything!



TL;DR – Kaniela Ing is a Democratic Socialist/Justice Democrat running for Congress in Hawaii and needs your help to fight corporate power in America.

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Looking to run for mayor in nyc, need advice

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Just like it says on the tin. For background, I grew up poor in Washington Heights, I've lived in this city for 26 years and have watched the ill effects of gentrification and wall street and contractor pandering first hand. The further deterioration of the subway, the promises of affordable housing with none in sight, the attempts of Giuliani and Bloomberg to create a sanitized, tourist, friendly city that's devoid of poor people, but especially poor people of color. And I feel like we can do better, we must do better.

My biggest issue would be funding, once poor, always poor. But poverty shouldn't be a barrier to making change. That's why I'm starting early. And that's why I'm here, looking for whatever advice I can get, because this city can be so much more.

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We need to squash two anti-progressive talking points now!

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With Ocasio’s win and Kennedy’s retirement the DNC’s establishment is in panic mode.

I’ve notice that two of thier fake news talking points come up in every thread around social media in an effort to shift the blame for the last elections failure to the grassroots progressives.

  1. Berinie supporters (and thus progressives) are responsible for the democrats losing the presidency and congress last election because they refused to vote Hilary.


Two surveys estimate that 12 percent of Sanders voters voted for Trump. A third survey suggests it was 6 percent.

compared with 95 percent of Sanders-Clinton voters. In other words, Sanders-Trump voters were predisposed to support Republicans in presidential general elections well before Trump’s candidacy.

So, up to 96% of progressive Sanders supporters voted for Hilary.

Of the remaining who didn’t, they where not progressives but conservatives and moderates who where never going to be Hilary supporters …but Berinie somehow won them over.

This shows that sanders supporters did support the party, they did hold thier nose and vote for her. All the threads that get derailed everyday on these fake news conspiracy theories are based on nothing.

Dont feed the trolls just respond with facts and move on.

  1. The white working class voted for Trump and they are his base. Thus the working class are the racist idiots that are destroying our country! so why represent them?


It’s time to bust the myth: Most Trump voters were not working class.

The Mythology Of Trump’s ‘Working Class’ Support

Trump demogragphics

Clinton defeated Trump handily among Americans making less than $ 50,000 a year.Among voters making more than that, the two candidates ran roughly even. The electorate, however, skews wealthier than the general population. Voters making less than $ 50,000, whom Clinton won by a proportion of 53 to 41, accounted for only 36 percent of the votes cast, while those making more than $ 50,000—whom Trump won by a single point—made up 64 percent. The most economically vulnerable Americans voted for Clinton overwhelmingly; the usual presumption is exactly the opposite. If you look at white voters alone, a different picture emerges. Trump defeated Clinton among white voters in every income category, winning by a margin of 57 to 34 among whites making less than $ 30,000; 56 to 37 among those making between $ 30,000 and $ 50,000; 61 to 33 for those making $ 50,000 to $ 100,000; 56 to 39 among those making $ 100,000 to $ 200,000; 50 to 45 among those making $ 200,000 to $ 250,000; and 48 to 43 among those making more than $ 250,000. In other words, Trump won white voters at every level of class and income. He won workers, he won managers, he won owners, he won robber barons. This is not a working-class coalition; it is a nationalist one.

True, Trump unfortunately won over whites in all classes. But the working class still supports him the least. His real base is the white collar professionals.

Our strongest allies against the right are in fact the working families that the media and the Democrat establishment are trying to blame for Trump.

Don’t allow the shills to derail the conversion, shift the blame, and try to slow down our momentum!!!

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