[AMA] Hi Reddit, this is RI state rep Aaron Regunberg. I’m running for Lt. Governor against a Democratic incumbent who’s taken hundreds of thousands from Republican mega donors. I was the first and pretty much only elected official in the state to endorse Bernie ;) AMA!

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Hi Reddit, This is RI state rep Aaron Regunberg. AMA!

I first got involved in politics organizing in our public schools. I founded an organization called the Providence Student Union to support the voices of young people. Through PSU, students won some serious change including free bus passes, healthier school lunches, ethnic studies classes and less drill-kill high-stakes testing.

It was organizing with these students that taught me that big change is possible when voices from the community actually have a say in the political decisions that impact them. It inspired me to run for state representative at 24.

In the State House, I built a Rhode Island Progressive Caucus and led successful fight to win the first raise in the tipped minimum wage in 20 years, pass online voter registration, expand wind and solar energy, and guarantee paid sick days for 100,000 workers who never before had that security. Each year that I’ve been elected I’ve also introduced legislation to create a single payer universal healthcare system, carbon pricing, a $ 15 minimum wage, an assault weapons ban, and more.

I’m running for Lt. Governor to take our fight for progressive change to the next level. So! I’m really looking forward to talking more about our campaign, our platform, RI politics – as messy as they can often be – or anything else. AMA!

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