I just saw the GOP’s “Mainstream Media Accountability Survey” and I think more people should be talking about how messed up it is?

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Sorry if you know all about the survey, but tonight I was watching some youtube when the advertisement popped up. I consider myself pretty well informed on things involving Trump but I hadnt heard of the survey. It was so absurd that I watched the video and was shocked and a little scared if I am being honest to see a clickbaity 15 second video begging me to take Trump's Mainstream Media Accountability Survey. Having never heard of the survey I thought it was worth checking out, so I clicked on it and it was terrifying. Its tough to put in words why it felt disturbing but I feel like something significant and dystopian. I am just worried that with the frequency of law breaking and scandals, something small like this might get lost in the shuffle. I just really want to be done with the fear this presidency brings. Does it bother anyone else or am I just overreacting?

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