Bernie needs to know we still want Medicare For All

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An email from Bernie:

When I introduced my Medicare for all legislation in 2013, I couldn’t find a single Senator to co-sponsor the bill. We were even relentlessly attacked for the idea before the Iowa Caucuses in 2015.

But today Medicare for all is a mainstream position in the Democratic Party. My bill has 16 co-sponsors in the Senate, and a version of the legislation has the support of a majority of Democrats in the House.

And would you like to know why so many of my colleagues now support Medicare for all? It’s because \*you* support Medicare for all.

Now, from time-to-time, my colleagues who have yet to co-sponsor our bill will ask me if there is still the energy out there for Medicare for all that there was during our campaign.

The next time one of them asks, I want to be able to say our movement is only getting stronger. And if I can do that, and if they believe it, it won’t be long before our list of co-sponsors grows:

Add Your Name: Tell my colleagues in the United States Senate that you are more committed than ever to passing a Medicare-for-all, single-payer health care system. Click this link to sign my petition, and I will carry your message with me whenever anyone asks.

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