Bernie Sanders to announce 2020 Presidential Run in the week leading up midterms

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For maximum voter enthusiasm, and to motivate the left to get out and vote, the ideal time for Bernie to announce a presidential run is during the week prior to the midterms.

I can just see Bernie saying:

“The Trump Presidency has been a national disaster. Today I announce that I will be running for President of the United States in 2020, and I intend to win that race.”

“In order to roll back the disastrous policies that the Trump presidency has implemented, it is imperative that the Democrats have control of the house.”

“As your future commander in chief, I call on all Americans to get out and vote in this week's midterms. Stand up to the tyranny. Stand up to the devisiveness. Stand up to the billionaire class. Stand up and have your voice heard.”

It is obvious that the Democrats are going to do well in the midterms. The establishment dems will take the credit for the wins, they will hijack the narrative and will throw their support behind an establishment democrat candidate for 2020 and attempt to push Bernie aside.

The best way for the progressive left to take the credit for the midterm wins and push the establishment dems to the background is to show an enormous groundswell of support, a massive surge, an uprising of the people, all inspired by the possibility of Bernie 2020, all standing united behind the man they want to lead them, concluding in an unbelievable record breaking voter turnout for the midterm elections.

Announcing his 2020 run in the lead up to the midterms would allow Berine to take credit for the trouncing that the republicans are going to take, and from that he can control the narrative. The support and excitement would be inspiring, and it would demonstrate to all other presidential hopefuls that to be on the right side of history they need to stand aside, stand united behind Bernie 2020, and delay their ambitions for at least 4 years.

Please upvote so someone on Bernie’s team sees this.

P.s. Apologies for the clickbait title!

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