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About five months. That's how long we have until the first votes can be cast in the 2018 primaries. We've never had a better opportunity to steer the country in a progressive direction. Because of people like Bernie Sanders, progressive across the country are energized and more numerous than they have ever been. As a result at least 5,000 progressives, and growing, will be running for local, state and federal office next year. Far more people than were inspired to run by the Tea Party 2010. If we truly want important reforms like tuition free college, Medicare for all, tough environmental regulations, paid parental leave, the breakup of the too big too fail banks and corporations, police reform, and so many more important progressive reforms that they are too numerous to list, WE NEED TO VOTE! We need to elect these progressives to office. First during the primaries when they'll be running to unseat corporatist Dem incumbents who'd sooner serve their corporate donors before you or I. And then again in November to sweep Trump's GOP cronies out of office. Once we've done that we can impeach that narcissistic man child and his entire corrupt administration.

Now I know what you're thinking. There's gerrymandering, voter suppression and other underhanded tactics from the corporatist establishment on both sides. The solution to those problems is record high voter turnout. Pessimism and the low turnout that results from it is our number one hindrance. If we don't vote then we have no right to complain when everything falls apart around us. Conservatives are reliable voters. If we want to keep their bad judgement from hurting the entire country then we must be reliable voters ourselves. So come next year, each and every one of us must pledge to do everything within our power to increase voter turnout to record high numbers. I'm talking 80% – 90% turnout. Higher than even past presidential elections. If other countries can do this then so can we. We must commit to getting literally everyone we know who is eligible to vote to do just that and also make sure that we ourselves vote as well. Even with voter suppression, it has never been easier to vote. If you think you'll be too busy to vote on Election Day then use early voting days, or even easier, order a mail in ballot and take your time to carefully choose who gets your vote while drinking a cup of coffee. There are literally no valid excuses anymore. And remember. Every election is equally important and can impact your lives and livelihoods in different ways. Never skip out on the primaries or local elections or runoffs.

Which finally brings me to the Local Berniecrats. We are a truly grassroots organization dedicated to helping voters find their local progressive candidates, as well as promoting and helping those who have chosen to run themselves. We do not ask or accept donations, but we do encourage everyone to individually donate to their chosen progressive candidates. Please visit our website to find your local city or state chapter and get aquatinted with your candidates. Or visit our main Facebook page @localberniecrats for news and updates. Are you ready to join the revolution?


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