Debunking lies coming from Hillary Clinton

We need surrogates or someone to confront Clinton or at least counter her so people know the real facts.

Clinton says: "Bernie is not a Democrat."

True. Yet, misleading. Yes, he's not a Democrat yet he's working to improve the Democratic Party. He's on Democratic leadership. I don't understand her animosity towards him. Obama used to call Hillary corrupted by lobbyists during the 2008 campaign.

Clinton says: Bernie bros attacks her using sexist remarks.

Okay, this small minority of Twitter users (and possibly Trump supporters) are not a majority of Bernie supporters. The facts are that the majority of Bernie supporters voted for her in the general election. In 2008, Clinton said that Obama could never get white voters (turns out he could). Anyone remember when she mentioned the Kennedy assasination as justification to stay in the race? 16% of her supporters also voted for John McCain. Many didn't vote for Obama because he's African American.

In a Vox interview, Clinton says both the far right and the far left are the same. Are you kidding me? Then she attacks Bernie's Medicare For All bill. She's essentially rallying her supporters to attack Bernie. She wants to divide the Democratic Party.

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